Bale Patok

After entering the ‘Candi Bentar’ area, you will see a ‘Bale Patok’ where this ‘Bale Patok’ in Rajendra Prasad’s literature is also mentioned as a building (bale) that is used as a place to solace.

By looking into the lake, one can see the eternal form of the water which is so still in the wind. In the bale with stepped stairs, there are two statues located on the right and left, like people who look on guard, not moving from their place, their shape is like a giant, not moving, always waiting patiently.

This giant figure has a duty as a guard figure who guards the ‘Bale Patok’ and the area around it. Just like the giant figure that is in front of the entrance, in Hindu beliefs or mythology, this giant-shaped figure (bhuta kala) is believed to be a figure who has a duty as a guardian of the area, so that it is always protected from all negative things.