Patung Jero Gede Nusa

In the middle of Pura Taman Kemuda Saraswati, to be precise in front of ‘Bale Gedong’ or on the south side of the temple, there is a tall and large statue, which is called ‘Jero Gede Nusa’ or also known as ‘Ida Ratu Gede Mas Mecaling’. He is depicted in the form of ‘Bhuta Raja Nusa Pati’ which is very powerful and has a big and scary character. Based on the mythology and beliefs of Hindus in Bali, he has the gift to do good and bad things on the island of Bali.

This explanation or description regarding ‘Ida Ratu Gede Mas Mecaling’ is also explained in the kakawin Rajendra Prasad which is written by the founder or creator of Pura Taman Kemuda Saraswati. He conveyed it as the following passage, “Continue to explain again, the statue that is located, as a door guard, is shaded by kemoning wood, its face is extraordinarily haunted, its body is large and tall, standing firmly and not moving, like the terrifying Hyang Kala, every year, is made ‘pecaruan’. The ‘Jero Gede Nusa’ that was manifested, ‘Bhuta Raja Nusa Pati’, had a big frightening character, he always had all the power, the people both men and women did not move, sat in the courtyard, all the statues, served as servants, all of them always worship with reverence.”

Based on the explanation in the kakawin, it can be seen that the figure of ‘Ida Ratu Gede Mas Mecaling’ is a figure worshiped by the whole community, both men and women. And every year a ‘Pecaruan’ ceremony or ritual will be made which aims to give offerings to ‘Jero Gede Nusa’ so that he does not disturb or bring bad things to the whole community.