Balinese Dance Performance

Price at IDR 100,000 net/person

Indulge in the captivating allure of Balinese dance as it unfolds on the enchanting main stage of The Cafe Lotus Ubud. Against the backdrop of the majestic Pura Saraswati temple, the stage is framed by blooming lotus flowers and the intricately carved Kori Agung gateway, creating a visual masterpiece that enhances the immersive experience. Join us at The Cafe Lotus Ubud and immerse yourself in an extraordinary evening of cultural enchantment, where mesmerizing dance, breathtaking scenery, and Bali’s rich cultural tapestry seamlessly come together.


Monday = Joged Dance The Balinese
Joget Dance is a lively and rhythmic traditional dance form from Bali, Indonesia. Typically performed during celebrations and social events, the dance involves graceful movements, hand gestures, and intricate footwork. Dancers often wear vibrant and ornate costumes, enhancing the visual appeal of the performance. Accompanied by traditional music, the Balinese Joget Dance reflects the rich cultural heritage of Bali, showcasing the island’s artistic and expressive traditions.

Tuesday = Ladies Orchestra and Dance Troupe
The Balinese Ladies Orchestra and Dance Troupe is a vibrant ensemble showcasing the artistic talents of Balinese women. This group combines the melodic sounds of traditional Balinese musical instruments with graceful and expressive dance performances. With colorful costumes and intricate choreography, the troupe brings to life the cultural richness of Bali, offering audiences a captivating and immersive experience into the island’s traditional music and dance heritage.

Wednesday = Ramayana Ballet
The Balinese Ramayana Ballet Dance is a captivating performance that brings to life the ancient Hindu epic, Ramayana, through intricate dance movements and expressive storytelling. Accompanied by traditional music, vibrant costumes, and symbolic gestures, the dance narrates the timeless tale of love, loyalty, and the triumph of good over evil. This cultural spectacle, deeply rooted in Balinese tradition, offers a mesmerizing experience, blending artistry and mythology on stage.

Thursday = Barong Dance
The Balinese Barong Dance is a traditional performance that tells the eternal struggle between good and evil. Featuring the mythical Barong, a lion-like creature symbolizing benevolence, and the menacing Rangda, representing malevolence, the dance unfolds with intricate choreography, colorful costumes, and traditional music. This captivating cultural spectacle is a symbolic portrayal of the perpetual cosmic balance between positive and negative forces in Balinese mythology, offering audiences an immersive glimpse into the island’s rich cultural heritage.

Saturday = Legong Dance
The Balinese Legong Dance is a classical and enchanting dance form characterized by intricate hand movements, facial expressions, and precise footwork. Performed by young girls in elaborate traditional costumes, the dance often depicts stories from mythology or village life. With its graceful and refined movements set to traditional music, the Legong Dance is a captivating display of Balinese cultural heritage, showcasing the island’s artistic finesse and the grace of its performers.

Sunday = Janger Dance
The Balinese Janger Dance is a lively and celebratory performance that originates from the island of Bali, Indonesia. Known for its energetic and vibrant choreography, the dance often involves a large group of male and female dancers who create intricate patterns and formations. The Janger Dance is a festive and communal expression of joy, often performed during religious ceremonies, social gatherings, and special occasions. With its dynamic movements and lively music, the Balinese Janger Dance reflects the spirit of community and celebration deeply rooted in Balinese culture.