Bale Pengingkupan​

To the east or right of the ‘Bale Penegtegan’, there is another Bale called ‘Bale Pengingkupan’. The ‘Ngingkup’ ceremony in Bali is part of a large Piodalan ceremony (such as the ceremony of the masterpieces of ‘Mamungkah’ and ‘Ngenteg Linggih’, which is a ceremony at the start of the construction of a temple, or renovation of a temple, and after the temple has been completed) which aims to unite the elements of nature ‘sekala’ and ‘niskala’.

Usually this ‘Bale Pengingkupan’ is also a Sthana or temporary residing place for all the gods who are invited during the big Piodalan ceremony. Usually, these gods are picked up through a ritual or procession which is carried out in a special building (Bale Panggungan) which is outside the temple area (Jaba Pura). This staged bale will be made during major religious ceremonies, where its function is to temporarily receive and welcome the invited ‘Bhatara’, before being placed in the ‘Bale Pengingkupan’ during the religious ceremony, and will be delivered back to their respective places when the Piodalan is over.