Bale Gong

This bale is a place devoted to placing and storing gamelan gong instruments, which are usually used during religious ceremonies or Piodalan at Pura Taman Kemuda Saraswati.

Bale Pesamuhan

This Bale is believed to be a place for meeting and gathering of the gods, bhatara-bhatari, as well as “Sang Hyang Tiga Pasupati”, namely ‘Parama Shiva’, ‘Sada Shiva’ and ‘Shiva’, when a Piodalan or religious ceremony is held.

Patung Dewi Saraswati

In Hindu mythology or religious beliefs, Dewi Saraswati is described as having four arms which symbolize the four aspects of human personality in studying science.


‘Padmasana’ is a sacred building to honor God Almighty (Ida Sanghyang Widhi) as a symbol and image of the macrocosm or universe (Bhuana Agung). Padmasana’s main function is as a place of worship of God Almighty.

Meru Kembar

According to the mythology, ‘Meru’ is actually the name of a mountain in ‘Sorga Loka’. One of the peaks is called ‘Kailasa’, which is where Lord Shiva resides.

Bale Paselang

This Bale is located to the southeast of Pura Taman Kemuda Saraswati. As the name suggests, ‘Bale Paselang’ comes from the word ‘Selang’ which means ‘borrow’.

Bale Pemangku

At Pura Taman Kemuda Saraswati, there is a bale that is dedicated as a place for holy people (Pemangku) to preside over all religious ceremonies that are carried out.


This ‘Aling-Aling’ blocks the view to see the contents of the temple directly. The existence of the ‘Aling-Aling’ wall is believed to aim to divert evil spirits in Balinese architecture.

Bale Gedong

Bale Gedong’ is a building dedicated to Sthana for ancestors who have gone before the royal family of Ubud. Inside Pura Taman Kemuda Saraswati, ‘Bale Gedong’ is located in the middle and is on the north side.

Sedahan Nglurah​

Based on Rajendra Prasad, it can be seen that the two shrines on the right and left of the building/Bale Gedong are Sthana for figures who are entrusted with guarding the entire contents of the temple.