Sedahan Nglurah​

To the right or to the east of the ‘Bale Pengingkupan’, there is another shrine/sacred building called ‘Pelinggih Sedahan Nglurah’. As mentioned in the fragment of Rajendra Prasad’s literature, “There is another thing that has the same appearance, flanking it on the right and left, like earrings (subang), both of them are ‘Sedahan Nglurah’, as ‘Hyang Hyangning Angker’ who resides there, both are firm together, he is in charge of creating authority, as well as a guard, such as caring for, and guarding the entire contents of the temple.”

Based on the fragment from Rajendra Prasad, it can be seen that the two shrines on the right and left of the building/Bale Gedong are Sthana for figures who are entrusted with guarding and protecting the entire contents of the temple. Both of them have the same duties and functions, namely apart from creating the authority of a temple, the figure who resides in this Pelinggih is also believed to be a guard who ensures that all contents of the temple are well protected.