Patung Dewi Saraswati

Dewi Saraswati is a goddess who is believed to be the goddess of knowledge, learning, literature, and art in the teachings of Hinduism.

Dewi Saraswati is described as a beautiful woman, with smooth and clean skin, and symbolizes that sacred knowledge will give beauty within. Goddess Saraswati can usually be depicted standing or sitting on a lotus flower. Apart from that, there is also a swan which is a sacred vehicle or vehicle belonging to Dewi Saraswati. This swan also symbolizes wisdom, and perfect mastery of Wiweka (reasoning power) and Wairagya (sense of detachment), as well as being able to choose between good and evil.

In Hindu mythology or religious beliefs, Dewi Saraswati is described as having four arms which symbolize the four aspects of human personality in studying science. The four aspects are mind, intellectual, alert (introspective), and ego. And in each of Dewi Saraswati’s arms are held four different objects, namely:

‘Wina’ (harp), which is a musical instrument that symbolizes the perfection of art and science.

The lotus flower which symbolizes knowledge is sacred.

‘Kendi’ is a symbol of eternity.

‘Lontar’ (book), is the holy book of the ‘Vedas’, which symbolizes universal, eternal, and true knowledge.

In another source, it is said that one of the hands of Dewi Saraswati also carried a lotus flower. The lotus flower is also considered important in Hindu belief in Bali because this flower lives in three places, its roots in the ground, the stems and leaves in the water, and the flowers in the air, and are considered to symbolize the power of life in three realms (bhur, bhuah, swah). Apart from that, peacocks are usually depicted around Dewi Saraswati who looks elegant and symbolizes dignity.