Bale Pesamuhan

The building or Bale which is in the northeast of Pura Taman Kemuda Saraswati is called ‘Bale Pasamuhan’. This Bale is believed to be a place for meeting and gathering of the gods, bhatara-bhatari, as well as “Sang Hyang Tiga Pasupati”, namely ‘Parama Shiva’, ‘Sada Shiva’ and ‘Shiva’, when a Piodalan or religious ceremony is held.

The existence of this bale is also mentioned in the fragment of Rajendra Prasad which reads as follows, “And that ‘Yasa Sala’ (bale), which is located on the northeast side, is where the bhatara meets, during the puja of the wali, “Sang Hyang Tiga Pasupati”, with he who has a status, “Bhatara” in Goa Lawah, and Uluwatu accompanies, surely accompanies, there in ‘Pasamuhan’.