Bale Pesanekan

After entering Kori Agung to the west, on the right there is a bale which is called “Bale Pesanekan”. This Bale position is located south of the temple, to be precise south of “Bale Pengaruman”. This bale consists of 8 saka (pillars) which are interconnected with other saka.

While waiting for the start of the joint prayer at Pura Taman Kemuda Saraswati, usually this bale will be used as a place to gather and rest for a while for Hindus, both descendants of the royal family and the surrounding community, who come to pray during a Piodalan or religious ceremony. Besides that, at certain times, this bale can also be used as a place to carry out other activities, for example, to make and repair ‘Barong’, and make all the necessities or offerings in preparation for Piodalan activities.